Looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this year?  We are too!  No matter what you are drinking, we have a House of Jerky flavor for it!

This House of Jerky will taste great with:

Mako Shark Jerky – The smoky rich flavor of the Mako Shark Jerky works perfectly with Guinness Original.  Guinness has four of the five taste senses – sweet, sour, savory and bitterness.  When paired with the flavorful Mako, it brings together the fifth sense, salt, completing your taste senses, making it a delicious combination.



Biltong – Spicy (Sugar Free) – The hot spice of the Biltong Spicy flavor offers a cleanse to the creamy sweetness of Baileys Irish Cream.  And Baileys offers a sweet milky relief to the Peri Peri Chili flavoring in the Biltong Spicy.  The thickness of the Biltong style of cured meat offers an enjoyable chewing experience that seems to call for a sipping experience by a sipping kind of drink, like a chilled Baileys.



Sweet & Spicy Turkey – Our unique recipe is a big hit for those who like sweet and spicy food.  Pairing it with caramel flavored Smithwick’s Irish ale balances the sweetness of the turkey jerky.  The bitterness of the ale offers a delicious counterpoint to the spicy flavored turkey.




Maple Pork Jerky – The maple sweetness of the Maple Pork Jerky beautifully enhances the fruity body of Magners Irish Cider.  The sweet and salty flavors that you expect from a pork jerky resonates with the citrus notes and acidity of the refreshing cider.



Whiskey Rabbit – The tender Whiskey Rabbit is an exotic, but perfect pairing with Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey.  The bourbon undertone of the jerky with background flavors of teriyaki, brown sugar and pineapple is enhanced by the slightly herbal fruity character of the whiskey.  Tullamore Dew matured in bourbon and sherry casks gives a complement to the enjoyable Whiskey Rabbit flavorings.


Whatever the pairings, we know House of Jerky goes perfectly with St. Patrick’s Day!  Have a flavorful celebration!