We’re excited to celebrate National Drink Wine Day on February 18th. And February 19th. And maybe a couple more days after that. Partly because wine is yummy and partly because we know how well House of Jerky goes with wine!

In general, it is easy to say that you should pair a full bodied red with red meat and a structured white with white meat. But there are nuances to both House of Jerky and good wines that can really bring the best out of both of them.

We checked out some wineries local to some of our store locations and have specific recommendations of House of Jerky meats and flavors to bring along when visiting those wineries. Of course, your particular taste preferences are always the most important, but these pairings are just a little extra special.

Chaddsford Winery

Chaddsford Winery, located near our Buck’s County House of Jerky store offers versatile red, called ’16 The Red Standard, that pairs perfectly with the House of Jerky Black Pepper Venison. Venison is a rich meat, full of earthy, hearty flavors and the black pepper seasoning will pull out the smoke and spice of The Red Standard.

Deep Water Vineyard

If you find yourself in South Carolina, head on to this family friendly winery. But, be sure you stop in at Charleston House of Jerky before you do to pick up some House of Jerky Black Pepper Elk. Elk has a similar flavor profile to Venison, but is leaner. It needs a wine that can hold its own in terms of structure and can bring out the flavors of the meat. You’ll find that in the Deep Water Vineyard Lowcountry Red. The fruity and full flavored wine will be a delightful mix with the Elk.

Antler Ridge Winery

We loved the award-winning Moscato coming out of Antler Ridge Winery, and to pair with that winery, stop in at Jim Thorpe’s House of Jerky to grab a package of House of Jerky Hot Beef. The delightful sweetness of the Moscato will help ease the stinging of the habanero, while maintaining the tasty flavor of the meat.

New Hope Winery

House of Jerky Alligator jerky is a popular and fun meat to eat. And it requires a special wine. We think you’ll find it in New Hope Winery‘s Pinot Gris – its crisp and refreshing flavor mix beautifully with the cajun and citrus spices in the Alligator jerky. Be sure to stop by New Hope House of Jerky to grab a package of the House of Jerky Alligator jerky before heading to the winery to enjoy the flavors together.

Tell us what House of Jerky flavors do you like to pair with your favorite wines?