Apple season is a delicious time of year with so many tasty varieties to enjoy!

Did you know how well apples go with House of Jerky? Add in a little cheese and you have a snack fit for company or simply your own enjoyment.

Red Delicious – this bright beautiful apple has a sweet but very mild flavor. Pair it with the Black Pepper Venison and a mild cheddar. The slightly gamey flavor plays well with the sharpness of the cheddar.

Fuji – the creamy, juicy flesh plays well with Havarti cheese and Sweet and Spicy Pork. The sweetness of the Fuji enhances the sweetness of the Pork, while the Havarti keeps the spiciness from being too intense.

Golden Delicious – the honey flavor of the apple pairs beautifully with a creamy brie and Whiskey Rabbit. The tenderness of the Rabbit holds its own with the flavorful Brie. The sweetness of the apple brings it all together into a tasty bite!

Gala – this mildly sweet apple is just asking for a jolt of heat like the Habanero Turkey. Pair these with a goat cheese to keep the the heat from being too much and enhance the rest of the habanero flavor.

How about ‘dem apples? Give these pairings a try and let us know what you think.