June 12, 2018

In celebration of National Jerky Day, House of Jerky becomes one of the only jerky retailers to carry this new flavor of meat.  With sriracha becoming a trendier flavor, popping up on doughnuts and in ice cream flavors, it makes even more sense for jerky.

While more jerky retailers are just starting to jump on the mako shark bandwagon, House of Jerky is turning the flavor dial even hotter.  “Mako shark has a meaty and mild flavor,” said House of Jerky CEO Janie Honeycutt. “The sriracha flavoring really gives it some bite. And what better time to unveil it then National Jerky Day!”

House of Jerky has stores throughout the country with an extensive variety of meats and seasonings.  We started selling their jerky in 1993 and have been pioneers in the jerky industry ever since.