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It’s adventure time – be prepared with the House of Jerky adventure bag and shirt!

Choose up to 4 different flavors and a t-shirt!

Specialty pricing and comes with a FREE drawstring backpack to carry it all in.

Choose from:

3.5 oz options:

Black Pepper Brisket
Teriyaki Brisket
Sweet & Spicy Brisket
Gluten Free Black Pepper Beef
Gluten Free Sweet & Spicy Beef
Sweet & Spicy Pork
Maple Pork

4 oz options:

Natural Beef
Black Pepper Beef
Teriyaki Beef
Hot Beef
Sweet & Spicy Beef
Chipotle Beef
Cajun Beef
Red Chili Pepper Beef
Ghost Pepper Beef
Carolina Reaper Beef
Black Pepper Turkey
Teriyaki Turkey
Sweet & Spicy Turkey
Habanero Turkey
Western Beef
Western Tri Tip
Habanero Tri Tip


Slate Blue
Olive Green