This Father’s Day, say no to the tie.  He doesn’t want it.  He has enough.  He’s ready for you to evolve – are you ready for the new favorite gift for Father’s Day?

House of Jerky

It is the perfect gift for every Dad this Father’s Day.  Don’t believe us?  Check out these types of dads, and we’ll show you the perfect House of Jerky for him.

The Super Busy Dad

Does your dad barely ever sit down for a meal?  He’ll need a high quality, high flavor snack that tides him through.  He’ll definitely want the Black Pepper Buffalo Jerky.  A flavor he’ll never tire of, and buffalo meat is higher in iron and protein than beef.  This jerky will get him through to his next task!

The Outdoorsman Dad

Maybe he’s a hunter, maybe he’s a fisherman, maybe he’s a hiker.  Whatever fun he’s having, he’ll need snacks and he’ll need salt.  He’ll need Rainbow Trout Jerky.  It’s fresh taste will keep his taste buds engaged while he breathes in the fresh air.

The Traditional Dad

Let him have control of the remote or the grill and he’s a happy guy.  Whether he’s a new dad or a veteran at it, he’s sure to love Sweet & Spicy Beef Brisket Jerky.  It is a softer, easier to chew texture and the flavor reminds him of what he loves about his kids.

The Hot Dad

Does your dad like spicy food?  Then he’s bound to like the brand new Sriracha Shark.  This jerky flavored by sriracha sauce, with the bite of shark, is sure to be an impressive gift.

The Trendy Dad

You might catch this dad wearing wooden sunglasses or in the latest yoga flip flops.  This is a dad that’s up on the trendiest flavors, and that means smoked.  This dad will fist pump you for some Camel Jerky; it has that perfect combination of sweet and smokiness that he’ll enjoy.  The Camel meat feels like a cross between beef and lamb and camel steaks are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventional red meat in much of Europe and even parts of the U.S.