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 by Diane Martin
Best jerky EVER

I discovered House of Jerky during a vacation to Lake Placid. Best jerky I've ever had. It's exactly how I love it. It's tough and flavorful and nothing but meat. While other women were getting chocolate or wine for Valentines day, my fiancé got me my favorite beef jerky. How thoughtful of him to take the time to get on line and order my favorite jerky. Wish you would put a House of Jerky closer to us. Our friend liked it so much that we ordered him a variety pack. LOVE MY HOUSE OF JERKY JERKY!!

Jerky for Valentine's day sounds lovely! We are expanding and hopefully will move your way....until then find us here!

 by AMN
Favorite Jerky!

Discovered House of Jerky on a trip to the Poconos last year and had to stop in when I returned this year. Realized I didn't buy enough this time, so I ordered more on their website and it shipped so quickly. Can't get enough of the Western Tri-Tip and the Elk!

Glad you found us and we look forward to getting your western tri-tip and elk to you!

 by Linda Waite
Most digusting smell

For Christmas my sister gifted me 2 packages of the Sriracha Shark jerky. When I opened the first package the smell was so bad I thought I was going to vomit. I could not get past the smell to even try it. My first thought was that she was p a pranking me, that no way could someone actually want to eat that. But no, she had no clue. I sent an emal to customer service asking if it should smell like rotten fish and there response was "Yes, it does have a really strong fish smell. That is the nature of the really is just a very stinky smelling meat." Really!!!! I responded back that they should have a warning label on the package. I had to throw both packages out. No offer to replace with something else. Sorry my sister wasted her money. I will never buy from them.

Hi - we're sorry you didn't like the smell of the Sririacha Shark Jerky. When we received your email asking about if it was bad, we didn't know you were looking for a replacement, just asking about the nature of the shark jerky itself. We're always happy to replace product that doesn't meet our quality standards. We hope you may try our other flavors that align with meats you enjoy.

 by kelly
Should be relabled "Bag of fat"

At the Smithville, NJ store I looked through several bags until I found ones that looked to have the least fat in them. I picked a bag of Biltong Teriyaki and a bag of Biltong original. Once I opened them I found out that it didn't matter what they looked like, they were still full of fat. I tried a few pieces hoping to find something edible only to throw away over half of each bag. I was hoping for something tender and tasty and ended up with something chewy and greasy. This is the worse jerky I've ever had and at $11 a bag not even close to being worth it. Clicking 1 star because it's making me.

We are sorry about your experience. This is not typical of our meat. Please contact us at info @ so we can resolve this.

 by Louis Roy
Very good jerky

I bought some this past summer at their retail store and liked it so I purchased a batch from the website, a bunch of different flavors and meats. The ones I have had so far are very good as well. I have not been disappointed.

Enjoy checking out all of our meats and flavors!

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