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by Jason on House of Jerky
Original & teriyaki

Jerky worth eating, but for me not the best beef and doesn’t have a lot of seasoning.

Thanks for your feedback - you may like the beef brisket; a bit more tender and great seasonings or the black pepper beef for some extra spice without a lot of heat.

My go 2

Just under reaper the heat justs creeps up good stuff. Looking forward on growing some ghost peppper next year👻🌶

Glad you enjoy!

by Deni on House of Jerky
Best Jerky I have had

First tasted in a little shop in Jim Thorpe. Now am an online shopper! My fav is teriyaki!!

There is a special place in our hearts for teriyaki too! Enjoy!

Warning: May contain bones. Wait, what warning? Well, here is the warning: It *does* contain bones!

This jerky is super delicious and tender. I just want to make that clear. As for the quality, there should be no bones. There's no warning printed on the label to say it "may contain bones" so it didn't even cross my mind to dissect every piece or chew with extra caution. I was almost done eating a 2.75 oz bag of this (a sticker had been placed overtop of where it says 3.0 oz) and bit down on two hard bones at the same time. Ruined my evening. They were so hard that it misaligned my teeth for a whole day, caused me pain, and lingering sensitivity for several days... my teeth still feel a bit odd, but luckily I didn't chip or crack any teeth. I figured since this seems like a hand-crafted and ultra-processed food item, extra care would have been taken to remove the bones. I wouldn't want to try another bag of this, though. Now considering how expensive this was, and the fact that it was gifted to me, I cannot in good conscience throw it away so I will painstakingly dissect the remainder in order to ensure that there are no more bones so that I can try to enjoy it. Like I said, it's super delicious! It was purchased between the 7th and 8th of August this year (2021) at a store called Best Darn Jerky located at 631 Parkway, Shop # A-12, Gatlinburg, TN 37738. Expiration date on the back says "7 0722". I'll also be contacting the store to let them know of my experience. I am not seeking a refund or a replacement, I just wanted to let you know what happened. As I understand, the FDA does not require this specific warning to be placed on food items for our safety (what a joke), but as a courtesy to your customers, you absolutely should print the warning on the labels.

Hi Brian - thank you so much for calling attention to this because it is not at all an expected experience. We have connected with our jerky creators to confirm this won't happen again. I know you aren't seeking a refund or replacement, but please contact us so we can give you a new bag. Thanks - Lisa at House of Jerky

Terrible!!!!! Clove?? Really? Gross!!!

Please revise your recipes!! this is terrible. The clove is so overpowering i can’t even tell there’s green chile in it

It's a shame that the flavor profile was not to your liking. We have many long time regular customers that would be upset if we did make a change. We hope you find a different flavor that you do enjoy.

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