What makes House of Jerky so good?

It starts with the best meats……  

We find premium sources of each animal, mostly in the U.S.A – for the really exotic meats, we get it from the most sustainable sources. Our meat goes to state of the art facilities that stay current with the latest trends in flavors and ingredients. Then we focus on the long and slow way of making jerky.  Starting with whole slices of top round. Seasoned and marinated to flavorful perfection – never rushed to pack in all the delicious goodness. Our Jerky Creators bake it at just the right heat to seal in the flavors, checking to see it achieves just the right tenderness.   Then it is packaged in vacuum sealed and rushed to our customers all around the country.

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years – we know what jerky is supposed to taste like.

Close up of jerky

Vacuum sealed and ready for your next adventure.

Discounts for our troops

Cooked long and slow

Over 50 meat and flavor combinations

Our House of Jerky members are rewarded with every bite!

Two women dressed in winter clothes in the front seat of a car sharing a bag of jerky

Here at House of Jerky, we really value our customers.  Keep coming back to us and we’ll keep giving you JerkyPoints!

You earn 1 JerkyPoint for each $1 purchase you make. For example, purchase a bag of Natural Beef Jerky for $24.99 and you earn 25 JerkyPoints! JerkyPoints are automatically accumulated in your customer account*.

*ImportantYou must be logged into your customer account for any JerkyPoints to accumulate or be saved for future use.

What can I purchase with my JerkyPoints?
You can redeem your JerkyPoints for any online purchase on HouseofJerky.com. Use them to reduce the cost of a purchase, or save up enough to get Free jerky!

What’s the redemption value of my JerkyPoints?
100 JerkyPoints = $10.  So, if you’ve earned 100 JerkyPoints you can redeem them for $10 off your purchase.

How do I see how many JerkyPoints I’ve accumulated?
Simply log into “my account” and your JerkyPoints balance will be shown on your My Account page.

What customers are saying

JennBest Jerky Ever!
“I absolutely love this jerky.”
WilliamAmazing Flavor!
“The teriyaki brisket jerky is simply amazing!”
RubenBest Jerky I've Had
“The Jerky I got is easily the best jerky I have ever had. Fresh, flavorful, tender and spicy as promised.”
Craig VillasenorNatural Style Jerky
“Best jerky I’ve had in long time not over salty or sweet and easy to chew. BUY it.”
Michael HonnBest Store-Bought Jerky I Ever Bought
“I’ve been making jerky for about 20 years now, even won second and first place in 2018 and 2019. respectively, in a local contest of about 40–50 ppl. So I know good jerky when I taste it.
House of Jerky has the best I’ve ever tasted, besides my own, bar none!!!!”
ReneeSimply The Best!
“I’ve tried other jerky from other companies but this is without a doubt the yummiest! Thanks”

What did you think of your House of Jerky?