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by Alex on House of Jerky
Deer jerky

This is the best store bought deer jerky I’ve ever had other then home made deer jerky will definitely recommend this place to anyone

Glad you enjoy and thank you for the recommendation!

by Omar on House of Jerky
Best jerky EVER!!!

Wet and delicious. Great flavor and not rubber texture at all. Love it!

Thrilled you are enjoying! #lotsofgreatflavor

by Nina on House of Jerky
So good! Safe for pregnancy?

This is the best jerky ever. I'm craving it like crazy but unfortunately I'm not sure if I can have it while pregnant. Would you mind sharing what temperature it's cooked at?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Aren't those cravings just crazy? We are glad to be one of them. Our meats undergo a 4-stage cooking process with intense humidity (steam), rapid air-flow exchanges and in the final stage of cooking it is dried to a water activity level so low that bacteria such as Salmonella, E-coli and Listeria cannot exist on the finished product.

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  • house of jerky apple cheese pairings

House of Jerky pairings with apples and cheese

Apple season is a delicious time of year with so many tasty varieties to enjoy!

Did you know how well apples go with House of Jerky? Add in a little cheese and you have a snack fit for company or simply your own enjoyment.

Red Delicious – this bright beautiful apple has a sweet but very mild flavor. Pair it with the Black Pepper Venison and a mild cheddar. The slightly gamey flavor plays well with the sharpness of the cheddar.

Fuji – the creamy, juicy flesh plays well with Havarti cheese and Sweet and Spicy Pork. The sweetness of the Fuji enhances the sweetness of the Pork, while the Havarti keeps the spiciness from being too intense.

Golden Delicious – the honey flavor of the apple pairs beautifully with a creamy brie and Whiskey Rabbit.

  • The words National Drink Wine Day at the top with Try these House of Jerky and wine pairings underneath it. On the left hand side is a hand pouring red wine into a glass and the bottom right is the House of Jerky logo

House of Jerky and Wine for National Drink Wine Day

We’re excited to celebrate National Drink Wine Day on February 18th. And February 19th. And maybe a couple more days after that. Partly because wine is yummy and partly because we know how well House of Jerky goes with wine!

In general, it is easy to say that you should pair a full bodied red with red meat and a structured white with white meat. But there are nuances to both House of Jerky and good wines that can really bring the best out of both of them.

We checked out some wineries local to some of our store locations and have specific recommendations of House of Jerky meats and flavors to bring along when visiting those wineries. Of course, your particular taste preferences are always the most important, but these pairings are just a little